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Construction Supervisor Resume Template (Free)

Michael Ovando
14 Sand Piper Ave
Napa Valley, CA 92672

I want to take my Construction Supervising experience to Better help your company then I want to learn more from you so together we can bring your company forward.

Supervisor/Well Intervention, Well control, Manipulates tools, including the Coiled Tubing Unit, down the well.
- Maintains equipment to Company standards.
- Knows and adheres to safety standards for the well, yard and shop at all times.
- Keeps all paperwork current, including maintenance sheets, fuel logs, pre and post-op reports and end of the month expense reports.
- Evaluates and reports potential hazards to Supervisor.
- Reports all accidents, incidents and injuries to Supervisor. Frequently used tools include the Coiled Tubing Unit, Boom Truck and Power Wheel Trailer. In addition to tool manipulation, Coiled Tubing Operators assemble and prepare equipment for installation, pre and post-op equipment inspections, monitor well parameters and calculations, and perform general maintenance on all coiled tubing equipment.

[1991] [ Permian High School ] [ Odessa Tx ] Diploma

[1992] Alabama Aviation Technical School] Ozark, AL.
[1993] Basic Combat Training] Fort Leonard Wood, MO.
[1994] Aircraft Pneudraulics Specialist. Sheppard AFB, TX
[2000] Attack Hellicopter Repair, Fire Control Radar Repair, Aircraft Power unit Operator
Ft. Rucker AL (BOEING)
[2007] Coil Tubing 1 Halliburton, Texas
[2008] Coil Tubing 2 Halliburton, Duncan, OK

Supervisor/Well Intervention, Well control, CRANE Certified ASME B 30.5-3 Expiration 2/10/2014
Class A CDL with Tanker and Hazmat Endorsements, Equipment Mechanic (Oilfield)
Maintained all the Pump Equipment for Halliburton, Hydra rig operator.

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