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A Cover Letter is simply an introduction to your Resume, which is presented to your employer when inquiring about employment. After having OneBuckResume write a professional resume for you, it is always recommended to include a cover letter, and present it as the first page.

When applying for a new job, it's best to make a great first impression on the employer with a well-written cover letter.

Reports show only 15% of job applicants in 2011 presented their resume with a cover letter. If you think a cover letter doesn't matter, think again...

A Cover Letter must be in business letter format. This means both your address, and the employers address are on the letter itself. You are welcome to view a cover letter template free (found at the bottom).

*We always recommend addressing the letter to a specific person if you want it to stand out among other job candidates. "Dear Mr. Jones" is much more effective than "To whom it may concern".

Paragraphs are not indented in a business letter. Instead, you are to simply seperate paragraphs by a blank line. See a blank cover letter template here.

In the first paragraph of a cover letter, it is always safe to start off your cover letter by identifying why you are writing the cover letter, and how you heard about the position.

The second paragraph is your chance to connect the dots for the employer. Do this by explaining how your education and experience connect to the qualifications of the position, and/or the values of the company.

The last paragraph will summarize why they should hire you. This is your opportunity to give the employer a reason to not only look at your resume, but to remember you. It is always smart to indicate how you will be contacting the employer.

You can close your cover letter with:

Your Name

*If you are sending your cover letter in hard copy, make sure that you add your signature to the bottom.

Check out the resume cover letter examples section for a list of sample cover letters to use as a reference when writing a cover letter.

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