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Sample Electrical Engineer Resume

Joseph Weaver
218 Bloomfield St.
Raleigh, NC 28667
(828) 555-1581

Intern seeking to provide electrical engineering expertise to a highly respectable company

United States Navy - NOSC Miami
Hialeah, FL
Machinist Mate Third Class Petty Officer
-Assisted the training department with inquiries about personnel transfers, fund reimbursements, and claim reports
-Assisted personnel with setting up claim accounts and government travel credit card accounts
-Filed claim accounts and GTCC account records

United States Navy - USS Dwight D.
Norfolk, VA
Machinist Mate Third Class Petty Officer-Periodic maintenance on switches and relays
-Testing and repair of bulbs (IED and light)

United States Navy - USS Norfolk
Norfolk, VA
Sonar Technician Seaman
-Routine maintenance on diodes and other electrical components
-Troubleshooting and correction of electrical issues in a timely manner
-Cleaning of electrical components and their housing towers
-Crimping and soldering on various electrical component boards

ITT Technical Institute
Davie, FL
Associate of Science in Computer and Electronic Engineering Technology
Expected graduation: March 2012

-Troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair electronics
-AC/DC Electronics
-Oscilloscopes, digital multimeters, wave form generators
-Construct integrated circuits
-Resistors, capacitors, diodes, dip switches, transistors, bread boards
-PLC Hardware and Programming
-Interfacing with I/O

Downloadable: Electrical Engineer Sample Resume Microsoft Word Format.
Downloadable: Electrical Engineer Sample Resume Rich Text Format.

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