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Free HSE Manager Resume Example

Thomas Papp
3636 Wayne St.
Marshall, AK 99585

Actively seeking a position as a HSE Manager allowing me to use my skills in the fields of Health, Safety and Environmental and management HSE information systems to lend my expertise to an organization looking to grow.

-Developed and implemented safety policies and procedures in compliance with local, state and federal (OSHA), EPA, DOT, FRA, USCG, and company rules and regulations.
- Developed and implemented DOT Hazmat training, Professional policies and procedures in compliance with DOT Drivers
-Developed and implemented programs to train managers and employees in work and site safety practices, fire prevention, and correct handling techniques for chemicals, toxins, equipment and other materials. -Prepared studies and analyses of accidents cases and hazards to health for use by company. Complied and submits accident reports required by regulatory agencies (OSHA 300 Logs). -Inspected facilities for existing or potential accident and health hazards, determines corrective measures where indicated and follows up to ensure measures have been implemented. -Provided information, signs, posters, barriers and materials to warn of potential and actual safety hazards and to prevent access to hazardous conditions. -Lead the investigation of accidents and injuries and cooperates in the preparation of material and evidence for organization used in hearings, lawsuits and insurance investigations. -Advised company personnel on proper planning of job activities and equipment usage to insure safe work environment and provide work permits as needed. -Track man-hours and utilize for corporate reporting. -Assist with the ISNetworld management and interface. -Oversee the administration of worker's compensation program, including working with insurance carriers to reduce lost time. -Prepared and arrange safety exhibits and material for display, promotional work, industry conferences and exhibitions. -Represent the organization in community industry safety groups and programs. -Monitor HSE performance through HSE Management System metrics, audits and program reviews. Participate in reviews and audits of facility HSE programs. Maintained safety files, records. -Excellent track record of implementing a large cultural change in workplace habits and procedures. Personal ability to lead change and shift deeply engrained habits and practices across a global organization.
-Effective, communicator, teacher and presenter and able to thoroughly engage the audience.
-Heavily involved in projects and visiting the plants, getting in front of the actual people who will be adopting the change.
-Strong follow-up procedures and practices to measure and gauge the uptake of the change and adoption of the safety culture within the organization. Developed Behavior Based Safety Programs. --Maintain an awareness of new existing relevant laws, rules and regulations and implement site HSE strategies to ensure compliance. -Ensure all contractors working on site are in compliance and provide site HSE Orientation. -Lead and trained safety committees and developed and posted Safety Alerts. -Company representative during any regulatory audit. Effectively manage the interface with governmental regulatory agencies, external services and / or company HSE leaders as needed. -Identified and implemented improvements in facility HSE systems that may arise from audits and /or program reviews.

B.S. Occupational Safety & Health Engineering
Columbia Southern University 1999

Safety & HealthTechnology San Jacinto College Central Campus 1994

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