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Sample Inventory Assistant Resume

Renee Johnson
1190 Lisa Lane
Grand Rapids, MI 48035

Seeking a challenging & rewarding entry-level position in a clerical, customer service, finance, or government administration industry.

1992-1993 Holiday Inn
Richmond, IN
Title: Kitchen Worker
Duties: Dishwasher and other kitchen duties

1995-1996 United Way
Richmond, IN
Title: Volunteer
Duties: Volunteer Work

1994-2002 Indiana University East
Bachelor of Science Degree
Major in Sociology
Graduated December 2002
Awards: Dean's List in 1994 & 2001.

Enthusiastic individual, able to learn new tasks quickly, reliable, and experienced with computers, especially knowledgeable of using Internet, Word, Outlook, databases, & spreadsheets.
Fast, reliable, quick learner, precise, detailed, strategic planning, excellent computer skills, excellent problem-solving skills, excellent written & oral communication skills, excellent organizational skills, excellent team player, and conversational Spanish.

Downloadable: Inventory Assistant Resume Sample Microsoft Word Format.
Downloadable: Inventory Assistant Resume Sample Rich Text Format.

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