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Free Machinist Resume Example

Samuel Gjonaj
5403 Twin Oaks Dr.
Grand Rapids, MI 48314

Actively looking for a machinist position working on 1st shift. I graduated from WITC in May, 2010. I have since worked as a machinist in Hugo, MN for just over a year now.

Operate a 5-axis mazak machine
- set ups, tool changes, tool offsets, indicate vices, call up and execute programs

Operate a wire EDM
- set ups, wire changes, wire offsets

Operate a surface grinder
- set ups, wheel changes,

Operate 2 SL25Y lathes
- set ups, tool changes, tool offests, call up and execute programs, set z0

Operate 2 Sqt250 lathe machines
- bore jaws for concentricity purposes, idicated tools, set up and changed tooling,
set up jaws and barriers, tooling offsets, set tool data

Operate a Mazak Verical Mill 510C
- I have done a few tool changes and offsets of tooling

My responsibilities each day were to look over work orders, and run jobs.
On a daily basis I run 1-3 machines depending on the department work load.
Made small changes to programs to keep quality of parts.
Worked in a 5S environment
Held tolerances of +/- .0002 on some jobs
Quality is a must

I graduated from WITC in May of 2010 at the top of my class, with honors.

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