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Photographer Resume Template (Free)

Curtis Johnson
9435 Franklin St.
Orlando, FL 33902

In 2008, I graduated digital phototograpy, along side of me on stage that day was the head of digital photography, who also graduated his masters, my father, Paul Pelak. Since that day I have continued my personal quest for intellegence via, web/multimedia production, grapic design, and most recently digital production aka video. Furthermore, it would be in both of our better interests to collaborate as a means to strengthen a very popular and constantly growing field. I am a whizz with photoshop, I've been using the program since photosop7, and there's nothing I enjoy more than communicating my extensive knowledge. It has been a trend to follow in my fathers footsteps and is my goal to eclipse his level of expertice. Therfore, as a means to such a professional and personal accomplisment I would be extremely honored to in anyway participate in your conquest.

Photo Trustee - non-paid position as a studio monitor & assistant to students that need tutoring.

July 2007 - present
Pelak Studios, Allentown PA &
Tampa Florida
Digital Technician & Photographic Assistant For
fashion / commercial studio

September 2005 - present
Freelance Photographer, Tampa Bay Digital Technician, photo assistant,

April 2008 to present
client list Jacobson Productions for Lingerie Football League
Casual Living for the Thompson Group, Paul Abell for Buccaneers NFL, Michael St.John

International Academy of Design & Technology,
Tampa, Florida
AAS Digital Photography
Graduated July 2008 BAS Digital Movie Production
Enrolled / tentative graduation date July 2011

Digital Photography and Photoshop experienced industry professional.
Digital Video capture and editing using Final Cut Pro, AVID, and After Effects

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