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Sample Real Estate Appraiser Resume

Jose Tavarez
1098 Vine Ave.
Baltimore, MD 20721

Astute, tenacious, and analytical
professional offering diversified
experience in real estate appraisal,
property valuation, and loan servicing
activities. Possess qualifications in
gathering and analyzing market data
obtained from a variety of sources, and
drawing conclusions from collected data.
Results-driven; enjoy challenges and
work efficiently in fast-paced,
stressful situations with dedication to
integrity and superior service.



Instrumental in reviewing appraisals in
all 50 states at a rate of approximately
$1B of real estate annually. Oversaw
various product lines, such as
correspondent lending, REO valuation,
BPO reconciliation reviews,
reconsideration reviews, pre- and post-
funding property value analysis, and
residential review appraiser training.
Conducted comprehensive market research
to measure the accuracy of appraisal
market analysis on individual
assignments. Facilitated training to
newly hired review appraisers to develop
their competencies and achieve their
maximum level of performance. Contacted
real estate appraisers to gain
clarification on issues in the appraisal
as well as to obtain an accurate and
complete appraisal product for the

Notable Achievements:

- Consistently ranked as top
producer for the department through
demonstration of exemplary performance,
dedication, and efficiency
- Entrusted as one of two chosen
review appraisers to take part in a
Kaizen project for Bank of America, to
help streamline the operations and
processes of the LandSafe Appraisal
processing procedures
- Appointed as an escalated review
appraiser tasked to handle complicated
appraisals due to the complexity of the
- Earned strong background in
reviewing appraisals for various
origination channels as well as
foreclosure, REO, and wholesale lending
- Gained extensive experience with
third party research tools such as
CoreLogic, RealQuest, and Red Bell

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