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Resume > How to Write a Resume > Education

Resume Education Section

Your educational background can be one of the main assets that will lead you to a job interview. Typically, the education section of a resume should be listed after your job history. However, if your education is a stronger asset than your job experience, you can consider listing it first on your resume.

*If your education is highly relevant to your the new job position you are targeting, list it before your work experience.

*If you have no work experience, but have a degree and/or training in that field, ALWAYS list your education first.

Proper Listing Formats:


    [University Name], [Location]

  • Bachelor of Arts/Science in [Area field], [Month, Year]
  • Related/Significant Coursework to Job Position: [a],[b],[c] (optional)

    [University Name #2], [Location]

  • Bachelor of Arts/Science in [Area field], [Month, Year]
  • Related/Significant Coursework to Job Position: [a],[b],[c] (optional)

*For Incomplete Degrees and/or Training Courses:

  • Still include the names/types of educational programs you have completed in your resume, simply only list the dates you attended.
  • Include your area of study, along with the name of the institution. If you intend to finish the degree or program, simply list the date you began followed by the expected date of graduation/completion. Format Example:
  • [University Name], [Location]
    Area of Concentration: Arts/Science, 2007-2009
    Related/Significant Coursework to Job Position: [a],[b],[c]

Qualifications to include in the Education section of a resume:

  • You can include any coursework, related career training, or certifications you have received that support your abilities.
  • If you've received licenses, be sure to include the name/type of each license listed.
  • If you have many certifications relating to the job position you are seeking, it may be wise to include a separate section called "Training & Certification", "Special Training", or "Professional Licenses".