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Special Education Teacher Cover Letter Template

To Whom It May Concern:

Please accept this letter for the current position opening. I view this position as an opportunity for professional development and a learning experience.

I am dedicated, reliable professional recognized for ability to motivate others to strive for personal goals. Inspire through example and team-building focus. I have experience working with people of all backgrounds and levels in a variety of professional environments.

I am currently a Special Education Intenerate Teacher at BOCES 1 for students with Autism. In the past I have worked as a 8:1:3 Special Education Teacher at Stepping Stones Learning centers. I have also worked as administrator at St. John Bosco Schools. In the past I have been employed at St. John of Rochester School in Fairport where I was a Pre-K and K-2nd grade AIS teacher. I have also worked at St. Andrews as a K-6 AIS and Pre-K teacher. I am very familiarly with the CSE process and was the Special Education mentor at St. Andrews. I have had the opportunity to work in vertical teams and had the chance to loop with my students. I am experienced in working in a variety of settings, from urban to suburban. I have a Masters in Special Education and a second Masters in Leadership Administration.

I would like the opportunity to work in a new demographic setting with more responsibilities that coincide with my experience and work ethic . Please contact me to discuss this position further at (585) 355-1195 or email me at

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Peter Jackson

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